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Support Ukrainian Playwrights

National New Play Network is proud to amplify the efforts of a group of American theater artists who are working with an international group of theater makers to raise money for both the general effort to help the Ukrainian people and also specifically for Ukrainian playwrights by participating in the Worldwide Readings Project. The plays linked below are freely available to anyone who wants to pull together a reading or similar event. They may also be licensed for production through the writers, whom Julie Felise Dubiner (contact information below) is happy to get you in touch with.


Even better right now would be commissions for these writers - money directly to them as they try to survive the horror they are in. A suggested commission fee would start at $1000USD.

Several readings have already happened around the world, including one in the Netherlands which raised over €43.000, and Sputnik Theatre in London has already started a commissioning program.


There is every rush and no rush on pulling something together.

The expectation from these artists is that things will be getting worse before they get better.

Read the Plays

You can also find the plays/playwrights on the New Play Exchange. Search the keywords "Support Ukrainian Playwrights" or check out this featured list.

Ways to Support

NPR put together a good list of organizations to support: 


The people we are working with also recommend the following:


Support organizations that help people displaced by the war -

For Americans who want a tax deduction, Razom - 

Hundreds of small Polish NGOs are assisting Ukrainian refugees now.  One of them that deserves support is Homo Faber in Lublin, near where many Ukrainian refugees cross.

You can help them with a bank transfer:

Name of recipient: Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber; Purpose: Ukraina

IBAN: PL 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000


Name of bank: Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA, ul. Legnicka 48, 54-202 Wrocław, Polska. 


If you are on PayPal you might also be able to reach them that way:

PayPal  Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber, ul. Chopina, 41, lok. 2, 20-023 Lublin, e-mail:


You can also support the Ukrainian army directly if you feel comfortable doing so:

UA8430000100000047330992708 (multi-currency account of the National Bank of Ukraine) or through this NGO - - which was founded after Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. It is the foundation which the well-known band Gogol Bordello is now touring to support. 


Also this war is an information war and two ways of supporting that might be:

Keep Ukraine’s Media Going or

Meduza - one of the main independent Russian language sources in Russia (operated from Riga, Latvia) - -- it says it is blocked but there are ways around this for savvy Russians


If you have questions about these efforts or want to reach one of the writers to offer a commissioning opportunity, please contact Julie Felise Dubiner who is serving in this capacity.